Tourism and Hospitality

How to Apply

The process to apply to the Tourism and Hospitality program depends on whether you are a current, former, or first-time student at the University of Southern Maine. The guidelines below will help you in this process. You can also review the USM Undergraduate Admissions page, which has instructions and forms for new and returning students, including transfer students and international students.

New Students

If you are a first-time applicant at USM, please contact the USM Admissions Office to speak with an admission counselor, who will review program requirements, deadlines, and the materials you will need to submit to apply to the program. Application to the program can be completed by mail, in person, or using the online application form.

Current Students

If you are a current USM student and wish to declare a major or change your major, please contact the USM Registrar for forms and instructions regarding required approvals, etc. Generally, this will involve meeting with a representative from the Tourism and Hospitality program and obtaining program approval. It may also require meeting with your current advisor for his or her signature, as well.

Former Students

The USM Admissions Office website contains detailed information for returning students regarding the process to reapply for admission. The Tourism and Hospitality program welcomes applications from returning students and will be happy to assist you in this process.

Transfer Students

The Tourism and Hospitality program welcomes students who are transferring to USM from other institutions, as well as students who have completed two-year degrees at area community colleges. The Admissions Office is the first place to start in this process.

Community College Graduates

The Tourism and Hospitality program is currently working to establish an agreement with Southern Maine Community College that will enable graduates of SMCC's planned AS in Hospitality Management program to complete the USM BA in Tourism and Hospitality degree with an additional two years of study. More information on this can be obtained from your advisor at SMCC once this agreement is in place. We will also post updates on this website. Additional agreements with several area community colleges are also pending; please contact us for further details.

Out-of-State and International Students

Travel and tourism is an international field, and we very much welcome applications from students in Canada and abroad. We also welcome students from other parts of the U.S., including New England, to come to Maine to learn more about the tourism and hospitality industry. Please contact our program or the USM Admissions Office for more information.

For more information from program advisors, please use the Contact Us link.