Tourism and Hospitality

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Travel and Tourism is the largest and fastest growing industry in Maine and the world, with career opportunities in lodging, transportation, attractions, events, food service, and sports.

Our students come to the program with a wide range of life experiences and interests. With six unique program concentrations to choose from, you'll find the right course of study to match your personal and professional goals. Check out the possible scenarios below.

For current students in the program, use the webform at this link to let us know what path you are interested in!

Degree Program: Tourism Creation and Promotion

This concentration focuses on identifying, creating and developing new travel and tourism products and services and promoting both new and existing businesses through advertising, trade shows, websites, and other means. Students can take several courses from the School of Business in addition to specialized courses from Tourism and Hospitality


Marketing, entrepreneurship, sales and promotion


To work in or own a firm doing product development, marketing with specialization in the tourism industry, operating your own business

Degree Program: Managing in Tourism and Hospitality

In this concentration students learn about key aspects of travel and tourism management, including accounting and finance, business management principles, human resources, facilities management, and other topics. Management and accounting classes from the School of Business supplement the specialized Tourism and Hospitality courses.


Building leadership skills, hotel and restaurant management, financial management, facilities management


To become a leader in the tourism industry, resort or hotel General Manager, food and beverage manager, facilities director

Degree Program: Event Planning, Management and Promotion

This concentration, offered in collaboration with the School of Business, provides students with skills and knowledge in the planning, organizing, and promotion of sporting events, festivals and fairs, weddings and banquets, meetings and conventions, and other types of events.


Festivals and event development, sports event planning, marketing, wedding planning, sales


Owner of Event Planning Business, Marketing and sales for a company, festival or events planning for a company


Degree Program: Tourism Planning, Development and Sustainability

This concentration looks at the potential role of travel and tourism in economic development, focusing on community planning and sustainability. Students may take planning-related courses from the Department of Environmental Science & Policy and the Program in Geography-Anthropology.


Community development, sustainability management, environmental policy, town or state government


Developing sustainable Tourism and Hospitality policy, Work as a regional planner or independent consultant, work in Non-profit roles that help towns create economic development that protects their natural and cultural heritage

Degree Program: Sport Tourism and Adventure Tourism

This concentration, offered in collaboration with the Sport Management program in the School of Business, provides an understanding of sport tourism and adventure tourism concepts and practices, and prepares students for work in settings such as sports commissions, destination marketing organizations, event planning companies, and tour management agencies


Eco-tourism, nature tourism, sport and adventure tourism, wildlife


Sport facilities management, to become a leader in nature based tourism, own or work for adventure tourism tour business such as white water rafting, kayaking, and skiing company

Degree Program: Cultural and Culinary Tourism

This concentration prepares students to work in the cultural tourism and/or culinary tourism industry in Maine and beyond. Students learn how history, art, food, and cultural heritage can be developed and promoted as an element of tourism. Graduates of culinary arts degrees may transfer into this concentration


Art, Heritage, Local Food, Farm to Fork, Agritourism, Maine history, Cultural Tourism


Art and Heritage museum management, culinary tours and restaurant management, Cultural non-profit organization management, food and beverage management Manage a culturally based tourism facility, to work with historical monuments