Tourism and Hospitality

Pursue Your Interests

Tourism and Hospitality represents one of the largest industries in Maine and the world, with career opportunities in lodging, transportation, attractions, events, food service, and other areas.

Our students come to the program with a wide range of life experiences and interests- and with six unique program concentrations to choose from, you'll find the right course of study to match your personal and professional goals. Check out the possible scenarios below.

For current students in the program, use the webform at this link to let us know what path you choose!

Travel the Globe

Global adventureInterests:
Hiking, mountain climbing, extreme adventure tourism
Run backcountry adventure tourism experiences for eco-travelers
Degree program:
Nature-based Tourism and Ecotourism concentration, with electives in business management, marketing, and sustainable tourism- and an internship with an outdoor adventure business

Build Community through Art

Arts, community organizing, musical performance, cultural festivals
Work with towns and community organizations to plan arts-related tourism events
Degree program:
Cultural, Arts and Heritage Tourism concentration- or Community Planning and Tourism- with electives in marketing and sustainable tourism

Tell Maine's Story

Marketing, advertising, sales, literature
To work in or own a firm that does product development and marketing with specialization in the tourism industry
Degree program:
Tourism Products and Promotion, with additional courses in management, cultural tourism, nature-based tourism, or sustainable tourism

Share Farm, Food and Culture

Organic farming, furniture making, cooking, beekeeping
To own a working, organic farm and B&B that caters to tourists interested in food, farming, and local culture
Degree program:
Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality, with electives in management, marketing, nature-based tourism, and cultural tourism

Create a Better World through Travel

International travel, volunteering, community service, photography
Organize and run tours to international destinations, with a focus on voluntourism experiences in communities, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation parks
Degree program:
Tourism Products and Promotion, with electives in management, community planning, sustainable tourism, nature-based tourism, and cultural tourism

Make Tourism More Sustainable

Solar Panel in FieldInterests:
Home construction and renovation, environmental issues, recreation
Own and operate a company that renovates hotels, resorts, and other businesses for energy saving and overall sustainability
Degree program:
Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality concentration, with electives in business management and marketing (also try a minor in applied energy)

Plan Maine's Future

City planningInterests:
Environmental issues, volunteer work, politics, student leadership
Work as a regional planner or independent consultant, or help local towns create economic development that protects their natural and cultural heritage
Degree program:
Tourism Development and Planning, with electives in cultural tourism, nature-based tourism, marketing, and sustainable tourism