Tourism and Hospitality

Student Profile Submission Form

This form is to be used by USM Tourism & Hospitality students to upload their personal profiles. These will be published on the program website following review by program faculty. All profiles must be approved and conform to the established guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact the Program Chair.

Please note that all text fields below have length limits ranging from 100 to 500 characters (about 10-100 words). This is to ensure that all profiles are a reasonable length for web publishing.

Please provide your first and last name. Only first names will be used in the profiles.
Provide a few examples of your interests related to tourism & hospitality (e.g., nature based tourism, hotel management, event planning, etc.).
Write a short summary of your background that has led you to this program. You can talk about where else you have studied (such as SMCC), jobs you have held, trips you have taken, or other things that help explain your choice of this degree.
Talk about your future plans related to tourism and hospitality, or wherever you see yourself following graduation from USM. You can be specific (e.g., you'd like to manage a mid-sized hotel) or general (e.g., you'd like to travel the world, then get some sort of international job).
Talk about what courses you have taken (or plan to take) in the TAH program, what concentration(s) you are completing, what kinds of other classes at USM you have taken or plan to take, and other aspects of your degree. This will help other readers understand how students in the program can create their own degree to suit their own interests.