The Wise Laboratory of Environmental and Genetic Toxicology

Doctoral Students 2013

The Wise Laboratory is pleased to announce that three of its doctoral
student successfully defended their Ph.D. dissertations and will
graduate in May. Specifically, Sandra Wise defended her dissertation:
"Characterizing the Role of Chromosome Instability in Particulate
Hexavalent Chromium-Induced Carcinogenesis". Qin Qin defended her
dissertation: "Characterizing the Impact of Prolonged Exposure to
Particulate Hexavalent Chromium on DNA Double Strand Break Repair".
Laura Savery defended her dissertation: "Global Assessment of Ocean
Pollution Using Sperm Whales as an Indicator Species". Congratulations
to Dr. Wise, Dr. Qin and Dr. Savery on their hard work and success!