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Final Recommendations by the Direction Package Advisory Board

Direction Package Advisory Board Final Recommendations

The Advisory Board consisted of 31 members representing every major stakeholder group: about 27 consistently attended or sent representatives. Meetings began on November 8, 2013 and consisted of five information/education meetings prior to the formation of three subgroups: Vision/Identity, Academic Programs, and Creating Operational Responsibility and Excellence (CORE).

Each of these subgroups has now proivided recommendations (PowerPoint slides and attachment) which together form their proposed operational foundation.

Additionally, the Academic Program Committee provided President Kalikow with a written final report.

A copy of the audio recording and a copy of the video recording from the Friday, February 28 presentation can be found here.

If you have any comments, please submit them on our feedback form.

Please remember that any numbers associated with these presentations are estimated ranges, not specific targets. Again, these are advisory recommendations. No final decisions have been made.