USM Transition


This page will provide you with a comprehensive list of all the resources used to form the Direction Package outline.

If you have additional resources that should be shared as part of the Direction Package planning moving forward email Please provide a link or an attachment of the document and which Direction Package Component it is most suited for in your email.


10 'Best Practices' for Serving First-Generation Students

2011 Proposal Undergraduate & Graduate Market Study in the Southern Maine Region

2011-­2012 USM Strategic Planning Steering Committee Final Report

2012 MELMAC - USM Data Report as of 1-30-13

2013 UMS Comparison Apps as of 6-2-13

A Southern Maine Imperative: Meeting the Region's Higher Education Needs in the 21st Century  

A Southern Maine Imperative II: A Vital and Healthy Southern Maine Region 

Age Details by Campus Report

Are Colleges Ready to Adjust to a New Higher-Education Landscape?

Article Downplays Impact of Tech Skills Gap  

Aslanian Market Research: Undergraduate and Graduate Adult Student Market Analysis 

Assessment Cycle: Campus-Wide Surveys

Building Strengths Convocation

Center for Education, Policy, Applied Research, and Evaluation 

Challenge and Change

Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities

Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences 

Critical Insights Market Perspective

Davis Educational Foundation/ NEBHE 2013 Summit Overview

Educational Marketing Group

Enrollment Plan

Evidence of Various Absolutes

Facilities - USM's most recent Sightlines Report

Fall 2011-2012 Undergraduate Admisions Profile

Fall 2011 Admitted Students:  Who Enrolled at USM and Who Did Not

Fall 2011 Student Retention

Fall 2012 Enrollment Report

Fall 2012 Travel Territory Geomarket Summary Report

Fall 2013 Undergrad Admission Student Demographics

Fall 2013 Undergrad Summary Report - Student Demographics

Fall 2013 Undergraduate Admission Top 100 Transfer Colleges

Fall 2013 Undergraduate Admissions Top 100 High Schools

Fall 2013 Undergraduate Admissions Lost Admits

Foundations of Excellence Draft Report

High-Wage, In-Demand Jobs in Maine by Education 

Higher Education: At What Cost?

If Enrollment Falls Short, Cutting or Adding Programs Is No Quick Fix

Indicators of Progress, Maine's Higher Education Attainment Goal: Exceeding the New England Average of Adults with Degrees by 2020 

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

Job Outlook to 2020, 2010-2020 Employment Projections 

Knocking at the College Door: Projections of High School Graduates-Maine

Lewiston-Auburn College Mission Statement

Maine Community College Transfers, A Profile of the Students who Transferred to USM after Obtaining an Associate Degree from a Maine Community College 

Maine Economic Outlook Maine Employment Outlook to 2018

Maine Public Universities Face Mandate to Get Numbers Up

Maine Workforce Conditions & Outlook 

Market Perspective:  Current and Prospective Students, Parents, Alumni, Faculty 

Marketing Department Competition

NEASC Accreditation Report 

NEASC Accreditation Self Study 2011 

Negative Trends Provoke 'Painful' Cuts in UMaine System

Noel Levitz Report EMA

Noel Levitz USM Non-Traditional Recruitment

Outcomes Based Funding (see Think Mission Excellence)

Participation Rates of Maine's Recent High School:Examining the Claims 

Preparing USM for the Future 

Ready or Not, Change is Coming

Rethinking the Bachelor's Degree to Bolster the Humanities 

Revised Statutes of Maine that relate to the University of Maine System Board of Trustees Policies 

Special Collections, USM Timeline, Brief Chronological History of USM followed by Presidents, Principals, Provosts and Deans 

Spring 2013 Undergraduate Admission Report 

Spring 2013 Undergrad Report by Program-Plan

State of College Admission 

State of Maine Office of the Governor Report of the Visitng Committee

Table 1.4 Occupations with the largest job growth, 2010 and projected 2020 

The Laws of State of Maine Affecting the Univesity of Maine System

Think Mission Excellence (Outcomes Based Funding) - UMS

Top 25 Private Employers in Maine by Average Monthly Employment by County (4th Quarter 2012) 

The 25 Occupations that will see the most growth in Maine by 2010 

The Changing Need for Educated Maine Workers 

The Rules of Attraction: Enrolling Students in (and for) the 21st Century

Undergraduate and Graduate Adult Student Market Analysis, University of Southern Maine 

University of Maine System Mission Statement 

University of Maine System Multi-Year Financial Analysis

USM ABCDE Focus Group Summary 

USM Baseline Counties Breakout

USM and Community College Comparison Data

USM Mission Statement 

USM Office of Institutional Research

What Presidents Think: A 2013 Survey of Four-Year College Presidents

Year 2060: Education Predictions