TRIO College Programs

Academic Recognitions

Every year, we recognize outstanding TRIO College Programs students and seniors who are graduating. 

2021-22 Academic Year

Each year, TRIO staff present awards to students in our programs; Student Leadership Awards, a Resiliency Award, and the Laurie J. Davis Award. 

  • Student Leadership Award: The Student Leadership Award is an annual award given to a TRIO student or students who have made outstanding contributions to TRIO College Programs through exceptional leadership within the TRIO community.
  •  Resiliency Award: The Resiliency Award is our newest annual award given to a TRIO Student who has overcome many obstacles on their way to graduation.  As we all know, life can present many challenges, and often, it is our ‘can do’ attitude that helps us meet and overcome those challenges. 
  • Laurie J. Davis Award: The Laurie J. Davis Award is an annual award named after Laurie J. Davis, the former Director of TRIO College Programs here at the University of Southern Maine. As a single mom, Laurie raised two sons while earning her Master's Degree here at the university.  She also served as a school board member for the City of Portland. Laurie persevered in achieving her degree in the face of multiple responsibilities and juggling many priorities. The Laurie J. Davis Award is given to a TRIO College Programs participant who, like Laurie, is balancing multiple priorities of family, work, college classes, and/or community involvement. 



Leadership Awards:Tran Truong

Raha Daud

Asma Omar

Tran Truong, Pictured



Resilience Awards:Taylor Hanson

Christina Bruyere

Taylor Hanson, Pictured

Taylor Wescott



Laurie J. Davis Award:Demetria Pellegrino

Demetria Pellegrino, Pictured

Habso Abdirizak, BS Biology
Mohammed Abduljabar, BS Cybersecurity
Erik Aikins, BS Nursing
Ezra Aldrich, BA Linguistics & Psychology
Max Belleau, BS Economics
Travis Bellows, BS Mechanical Engineering
Eb Bernier, BS Psychology
Christina Bruyere, BS Health Sciences; Cert. Foundations of Holistic Health
Katey Caron, BA Education
Dana Casey, BFA Studio Art
Emily Colby, BS OT
Dean Drake, BS IT
Tyler Ellingwood, BS Electrical Engineering
Alyssa Englich, BA English
Jason Ezzy, BS Health Sciences
Henoc Fakhri, BS Biochemistry
Hannah Fernald, BS Psychology
Alyica Fox, BS Health Sciences
Bruce French, BS IT
Jane Fusaro, BA Women & Gender Studies
Masho Gebremikael, BS Athletic Training
Jessica Gipson, BS Psychology
Gabby Hamm, BS Chemistry
Taylor Hanson, BS Nursing
Victoria Harris, BS Health Sciences
Jennifer Hatch, BA Environmental Planinng & Policy
Patty Herbert, BS Leadership & Organizational Studies
Fabiola Jenson, BS Nursing
Johana Jimenez, BS Nursing
David Kaminski, BS Cyber Security
Omer Khalil, BS Electric & Computer Engineering
Andy Le, BS Accounting
Stephanie Majeroni, BS Social Work (Leadership & Org Studies)
Isha Matan, BA Social & Behavioral Science
Patrick McGorrill, BS Computer Science
Iman Mohamed, BS Technology Management
Thomas Moore, BS Cybersecurity
Huy Noc Nguyen, BS Biochemistry
Judith O'Donnell, BA Liberal Studies
Demetria Pellegrino, BS Psychology
Hamdi Sheikh, BA Tourism and Hospitality
Melissa Shepherd, BS Psychology
Courtney St. Pierre, BS Recreation and Leisure Studies
Marlaina Stickney, BS Nursing
Sarah Thomas (Quansah), BS Nursing
Linda Trinh, BS Business Management
Tran Truong, BS Biology
Yasmeen Tum, BS Biology
Paulo Vasquez, BS IT
Taylor Wescott, BS Nursing
Kristina Wilson, BS Public Health