TRIO College Programs


  • TRIO Scholars
    • TRIO Scholars are a University of Southern Maine (USM) community of students that build relationships with other students that share a common goal: success at USM. 
  • TRIO STEM Scholars
    • TRIO STEM Scholars are a smaller community within the greater TRIO College Programs family. The STEM Scholar community connects with each other through science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to achieve success in the pursuit of their science dreams at USM.
  • TRIO CORE 101
    • TRIO Student Support ServicesCollege Programs offers sections of the 1-credit COR 101: Co-Curricular Learning Lab. In TRIO sections of this course, students are paired with a peer mentor.  Together, each student and mentor will work on assessing strengths and needs, developing and tracking goals, and developing resources for future use.  This course is highly individualized and supports parts of the college experience that go beyond academics.