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Avocado Toast on a plate

Student Recipe of the Month

Avocado Toast

Courtesy of:  Saide Serna, Administrative Specialist, TRIO Programs

Prep Time - 3 minutes

Toast time - 2 minutes

What you will need: 

1 avocado,  peeled and seeded

Juice of ½ lemon or lime

½ tsp red pepper flakes

2 slices of your favorite bread

Salt & pepper to taste



Throw two slices of your favorite bread in the toaster; you can use any kind but I like to use whole grain or sourdough.

Done with that?

Alright, now grab your avocado and MASH it in a small bowl with a fork. Mix in the cilantro, lime, salt, and pepper then spread that delicious buttery mixture on the toasted slices of bread. 

Oh… don’t forget those pepper flakes! 

Grab some coffee, tea, or juice and enjoy.