TRIO Programs at USM

TRiO SSS Programs

TRiO Student Support Services is designed to help optimize your USM experience and achieve your educational and career goals. As a member of the TRiO Student Support Services community of learners, you will work with a Student Support Services advisor to develop an individualized Academic Success Plan. This Plan will serve as your guide to academic success and lead you toward timely completion of your bachelor’s degree. The programs and services of TRiO Student Support Services will help you maintain a high GPA, explore career or graduate school options, maximize your financial aid, manage your time and finances, strengthen your study skills, develop your personal and leadership skills, manage academic and personal stress, -- all essential to reaching your academic potential.

TRiO Student Support Services at USM is a team-based community focused on involvement, engagement, and student success. The team includes your TRiO Student Support Services advisor, peer and professional mentors, as well as your USM Student Success Center and faculty advisors. Services are available on the Portland, Gorham and LAC campuses of USM and are in addition to the student services available to all USM students.