TRIO Programs at USM

TRIO SSS Services

What does TRIO Student Support Services at USM offer?

Individual Advising

Each semester, you will meet regularly with your TRIO Advisor to:

  • Develop an College Success Plan
  • Address challenges and concerns
  • Set academic and other goals
  • Learn about available resources

We will work in collaboration with your professional and faculty advisor.

TRIO Learning Communities (TLC’s) Each Semester

Each semester there are TRIO Learning Communities (TLC’s) focused on your academic and career success.  There are specific sessions for new and transfer students, workshops, and social activities.

Topics include:

  • Study strategies
  • Time management and organization
  • Career exploration and preparation
  • Managing finances and financial aid
  • Stress management
  • Locating scholarships
  • Graduate school preparation

TRIO Navigators

TRIO SSS students can be matched with a TRIO Navigator which is a fellow student at USM, usually another TRIO SSS student to serve as a mentor.  The TRIO Navigator checks-in regularly with their students and provides assistance about USM resources.  S/he also takes groups of TRIO SSS students to TRIO and USM activities.

Services are available on the Portland, Gorham, and LAC campuses of USM and are in addition to the student services available to all USM students.


 *Please note:  TRIO Student Support Services offers academic support, but the program is not able to provide direct financial support or grants.