TRIO Programs at USM

TRIO UB Eligibility Guidelines

Who is eligible to participate?

Freshman through seniors who:

  • are income eligible, and/or
  • live with parents or guardians who have not completed a 4-year bachelor’s degree.

Most students apply and are selected during their freshman year, although students may apply to enter UB during any year of high school.  UB at USM selects motivated students who plan to graduate from college, and who can utilize and benefit from additional support in preparing to enter and succeed in college.

Do I meet federal income eligible guidelines?
To meet federal income eligible guidelines, the household income for 2013 must fall below the income guidelines in the table below. (Federal low-income guidelines are reviewed annually and are subject to change.)

2013 Federal Income Chart
Household Size Must be at or below Household Size Must be at or below
1 $17,235 4 $35,325
2 $23,265 5 $41,355
3 $29,295 6 $47,385
*Add $6,030 for each additional family member.

How do I read the federal income chart?
If you have 3 people in your household and your taxable income was $15,625, then your income would fall below the cut off of $29,295. You would then be income eligible to apply to TRIO Upward Bound.

What is considered my household size? Household size is defined as the total number of persons who are related to you by blood, marriage or adoption and are dependent on the head of the household for support. A stepparent or stepchild is considered related by marriage.

Where do I find my taxable income information?
-IRS Form 1040 Line 43
-IRS Form 1040A Line 27
-IRS Form 1040EZ Line 06

Do I meet educational guidelines?
To meet educational guidelines, the parent/guardian(s) with whom the student lives with cannot have a degree from a four-year college.

If eligible, when should I apply for Upward Bound at USM?
Most recruiting takes place in October and November. Staff from TRIO Upward Bound will be providing information about the program and showing a slide show presentation in its participating schools during October and November. See your guidance counselor for a pass to attend the Upward Bound informational slide show in your school. Teachers, guidance counselors, parents, and community members can also refer students to TRIO Upward Bound.

If eligible, how should I apply for TRIO Upward Bound?
Once we have determined that you are eligible to apply, you will need to complete an application. Application packets can also be picked up in your school's guidance office. Students who submit complete applications are interviewed by an TRIO Upward Bound representative. Students are notified in November as to whether or not they have been accepted into the program. Because of growing interest in the program and its small size, not all interested students can be enrolled. However, many students have entered the program after initially being placed on a wait list.

If ineligible, what should I do?
If you think you are ineligible you are welcome to still apply and allow TRIO Upward Bound determine if you are eligible. Your high school counselor can also help you if you have any questions. In addition, you are welcome to call our TRIO Upward Bound's office if you have any questions.