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TRiO UB Students

TRiO UB Students

Calendar of Events for Seniors


  • Narrow down your list of colleges to at least 6. Depending on your grades, go for 2 safety, 2 mid-range, and 2 reach schools.
  • Remind your parents to sign up for a pin if they don’t have one already.
  • Check the websites of the colleges you’re interested in and write down the application deadlines.
  • Start working on your common application
  • Check and see if any of your schools require a supplement to the commonapp
  • Start improving your essay that you started during the summer. Maybe give it to an old English teacher to look at in addition to the year round staff.
  • Register for the SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject and/or the ACT depending on what your prospective school requires. Let UB know so they can get your fee waiver in on time.
  • Go on college visits with UB.
  • Get your brag sheets/recommendations to teachers so they can fill it out.


  • Check in on the brag sheets/letters of recommendation you gave teachers and collect them. Remember, this may take a while so give each teacher at least two weeks.
  • If you are using the commonapp, make sure to print off the school report and midyear form and give them to guidance to complete.
  • Put the finishing touches on your college essay.
  • Do SAT/ACT prep.
  • Take the SAT/ACT.
  • Go on college visits with UB.


  • Retrieve your brag sheets/letters of recommendation and bring them to your guidance counselor so they can write their letter of recommendation.
  • Once they are done with that, make sure to proof-read it.
  • Collect your transcript after first quarter grades come out (One for each school you’re applying to)
  • Does your school require a CSS Profile?
  • Attend the UB college application party and put the finishing touches on your commonapp, any other applications, and your essay(s).
  • Start checking your guidance office for local scholarships and use the website for national scholarships.
  • Make sure you are on track with your deadlines.


  • Get everything together and give each COMPLETE application to UB to send out. Make sure to include your first quarter grades. Proof read and proofread again.
  • Keep up with the scholarship searching.
  • Is there an early action/early decision deadline?
  • If you haven’t seen a school on your list, go visit.


  • Attend the UB FAFSA day with your parents. Fill out the FAFSA and CSS profile, if necessary.
  • Continue with the scholarship research and applications.
  • Remind your parents and remember yourself to file taxes ASAP. The sooner you get the correct information in for your FAFSA, the more likely you are to get more money.


  • Keep on with the scholarships.
  • Your Student Aid Report (SAR) will come in once you have completed your FAFSA, make sure it is correct and send in any additional information that your schools may require.


  • Complete any scholarship applications and continue until their deadlines.
  • For schools that have already sent your financial aid packages, review them and keep them on hand until you have received one from each school you’ve been accepted to.
  • More selective schools will let you know usually by the 1st of April


  • Review the financial aid package that each school has sent you.
  • Make a decision as to which school you would like to attend; this may not be an easy process. Once you have selected the school, let them know and send in the deposit. (You can usually get the deposit waived or else put on your bill to be paid in the fall, talk to your UB counselor FMI)


  • Complete housing forms. Remember to get these in sooner rather than later as most are on a first come, first served basis.Let your guidance office know where you have chosen to go to school.
  • Complete your Federal Stafford and Perkins Loans applications if necessary and complete the entrance counseling requirement.
  • Find a summer job or see that your current hours are increased to save money for school.
  • Sign up for an orientation date to sign up for classes and get oriented with the campus.


  • Continue to save money.
  • Start buying school supplies and dorm room supplies.
  • Enjoy your summer!