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What is TRIO Upward Bound at USM?

How do I apply?

TRIO Upward Bound (UB) at USM assists high school students in graduating from high school, preparing for success in college, and graduating from college within six years of enrolling.  It provides high school students with:

  • Personalized planning and support combined with a wide array of challenging activities and opportunities to help students gain the experience and skills needed for academic and personal success in high school and college;
  • A working partnership with students, their families, and school staff to help students achieve their own aspirations of successfully graduating from college;
  • Year-round academic support for students  through weekly school meetings and summer courses;
  • An opportunity for students to develop open minds, self-confidence, creativity, persistence, as well as communication and leadership skills.

Who does TRIO Upward Bound serve?

TRIO Upward Bound at the USM serves 64 high school students from Bonny Eagle, Massabesic, Westbrook and Sacopee Valley High Schools and 63 students from Biddeford and Sanford High Schools.

What do you do at TRIO Upward Bound?

All students participate in academic year activities until they graduate from high school.  Typically during the summers after each school year, students will attend the residential UB Summer Academy for a one-week intensive program or a five-week academic program. 

What is the cost of TRIO Upward Bound?

NOTHING!  Upward Bound at USM pays for all academic year and summer academy costs (room, board, courses, field trips, tutoring, books, and college application fee waivers) through its grants from the U.S. Department of Education.  Services are provided at no cost to students and their parents.

How do I apply for TRiO Upward Bound?

To be considered for acceptance into the TRIO Upward Bound Program, you must complete an application and return it to your high school guidance office, or apply on-line Apply Here.

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