USM Gorham Cultural Affairs Committee


Broadway credited Bill Bowers, (The Lion King), is coming to the USM Gorham campus to present a performance-based workshop in the Department of Theatre that is open to all USM community members.
Da Capo Chamber Players
The opportunity for music students to have their works rehearsed and read by an ensemble of Da Capo's caliber is rare for composition students, and the resulting recordings provide students with a lifelong component to their composition portfolio. Da Capo has a history of working with student composers. It was tremendously gratifying for the student composers to get a sense of their own works measured up to works by composition students throughout the country (answer: quite well).
The Department of Theatre presents a public performance on Monday, November 19th at 7:30 which is the culmination of a two-day workshop with Josh Chenard. Chenard and participants will explore the powerful experience of working with archetypes, energies and characters that have spanned time and culture. The performance is followed by a discussion with a diverse group of USM Faculty. Presented with support from the USM Gorham Cultural Affairs Committee. Free.
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