USM Gorham Cultural Affairs Committee

Policy Statement / Bylaws


The Committee supports visual and performing arts of interdisciplinary and/or multicultural focus that enrich the cultural life of the USM Gorham campus and larger community.



The current budget of $4,755 is administered from the CAHS Dean’s Office.



1. Solicit, receive, review, vote for and support proposals that best match the mission of culturally and artistically diverse programming.

2. Explore collaborative measures to gain visibility and attendance for programs.

3. Assign the rotation of approximately 85% of total funding between the 3 arts units. The committee may adjust the allocation in keeping with the mission.

4. Committee members email reports and pics of funded events to chair before last meeting of the year.
    Summary Report Template

6. Chair compiles an end-of-year Annual Report to CAHS Dean.

7. Chair schedules and facilitates meetings at least twice annually, once in the fall and once in the spring.

8. Chair communicates with the Dean and maintains or solicits another committee member to maintain the Committee’s website.



The Committee is comprised of not more than 2 representatives from Art, Music, and Theatre and up to 4 at large members based on Gorham campus. The Chair shall be elected for three years, renewable by Committee members.