University Health and Counseling Services

FAQ's Health related for Staff/Faculty

I am working with a student who has a health problem and I want to help them be seen as soon as possible.  How can I best help them?

Staff and faculty are often the first to identify students who are struggling with a health problem.  They might be missing classes or showing other signs of illness.  In order to ensure we can give students the best quality care possible, we see patients by appointment.  You can give the student our phone number 780-5411 or even help the student make the call while they are with you.   We will help them book an appointment appropriately.   For true medical emergencies (e.g., a student is having difficulty breathing, has lost consciousness, etc), please call Campus Police at 911 from a campus phone (or 780-5211 from a cell phone). 

A student has been injured during class.  Should I just walk the student over to your office?  

The best first step in an injury is to call USM Police at 911 (from a campus phone)  or 780-5211 (from a cell phone).  USM policy encourages a Police report for any on-campus injury.  The police officers are trained in basic first aid.  If the student needs further care or assessment, please call us 780-5411 to make an appointment.  We will usually be able to see the student right away.  A professional triage nurse will assess the level of care the student will need and we will be best prepared for their visit. Sometimes we will refer the student on to an emergency room when appropriate.  Because we are often booked seeing students, calling first works best for everyone.

I injured myself at work.  Can I come over to your office and be seen?  How do I help a student worker in the same situation?


Regular staff,  faculty and student workers should all start by making their supervisor aware of the injury.  An incident report should be completed as soon as possible and sent to our Risk Management Claims Coordinator, Helen  


Please see the Incident reporting website for further direction and links to the incident report forms that need to be completed.  


If the injury is acute (e.g., a cut sustained at work or a slip-and-fall injury), a call to Police at 911 (from a campus phone)  or 780-5211 (from a cell phone) is again the first best step.  They will make a police report and can provide first aid care and assessment.  If further care is needed for an injury sustained at work (for student workers and staff/faculty alike), contact Helen Chamberland in Risk Management at 973-3332.  

I know you primarily only see USM students but what services do you provide to USM Staff and Faculty and how much are these services?

  •  Influenza vaccines are offered to all USM staff, faculty and retirees—every fall we provide postings and information about timing of these clinics.  For those with UMS insurance, if you bring a copy of your insurance card, there is no out-of-pocket expense—we bill the insurance directly.   For those without the insurance, the fee is determined by cost of vaccine and is payable by cash, check or charge. 

  •  Hepatitis B vaccines are offered to employees whose jobs require them in a 3 dose series.  You will be given a voucher for the free vaccines through the Office for Environmental Safety Department—please call for an appointment once you have this voucher.

  •  Blood pressure checks are offered by appointment as a screening or as a recommendation by their primary care provider.  There is a fee of $5 for each visit.  These visits are designed to measure blood pressure but are not meant to replace visits with your primary care provider responsible for making treatment or medication decisions.

  • Travel clinic appointments are offered to staff and faculty.  These are visits where a nurse will help assess your travel immunization and educational needs.  There is a charge for the visit and vaccines which is payable by cash, check or charge.  Please call for an appointment.

  • Other services may be available depending upon demand or need in special circumstances such as offering MMR vaccinations to employees during the mumps outbreak Spring 2008.

I’ve read about Wellness programming, is this your department? 

University Health Services often works in-tandem with the Employee Wellness Department but we have different missions.  Our department offers wellness and health education programming primarily to students through outreach in Residence Halls and other groups or tabling events on campus.  The Employee Wellness Department focuses on that same kind of education for USM employees.   Sometimes we work together when our audiences overlap such as educating our community with reminders about good hand hygiene or public heath alerts.

Thank you for your interest.  We hope this information has been helpful.  Please call us with further questions or concerns.