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Travel Health

While travel to destinations beyond North America and Europe is common, so are serious health risks especially when sanitation and medical conditions are poor. Diseases such as typhoid, hepatitis, malaria, polio, yellow fever and travelers’ diarrhea pose threats to the unprotected traveler. Most immunizations are not required for entry to other countries, but they provide valuable protection for travelling in good health.

Our Gorham site offers a variety of vaccines and prescriptions for vaccines. An appointment 4 – 6 weeks before travel is ideal. Before making an appointment (780-5411), take the time to learn as much as possible about your destination before you leave. Health information for international travel, and specific countries, can be found at:

CDC(Centers For Disease Control and Prevention)

Another helpful link for country-specific passport services, travel warnings and consular information is:

US Department of State Travel Information

We do not offer yellow fever, polio, rabies or Japanese encephalitis vaccines. A local alternative is the Portland Adult Immunization program at 103 India St. (874-8446).