Undergraduate Teacher Education

Teacher Education Faculty Scholarship

This fall, our faculty are involved in a range of scholarship throughout the state.

Assistant Professor Adam Schmitt will be presenting at the following conferences:  

  • At the Maine Council for Social Studies, Schmitt will present a lecture titled "An Integrated Inquiry Approach for Teaching Elementary Social Studies."
  • At the College and University Faculty Assembly of the National Council for Social Studies, he will present a lecture titled "Whether That's How It Happened or Not: Teachers' Remembrances of Learning History."
  • At the Graduate Forum, CUFA (NCSS), Schmitt will present a lecture titled "Conversations with Colleagues: Navigating the Job Search."

Faculty member Sara Needleman will be presenting October 24 in Augusta at the Maine School Management Association (MSMA) Annual Conference with a lecture titled "Proficiency-Based Learning: Lose the Label, Deepen Practice."

Associate Professor and Teacher Education Department chair Flynn Ross, Ed.D. will be presenting at Maine School Management Association (MSMA) annual conference for superintendents and principals in Augusta on October 25 with lectures titled "Addressing Teacher Shortages with 'Grow Your Own' Models" and "Equity Literacy to Address Achievement Gaps."

Ross was also recently appointed to Maine Department of Education Educator Talent Committee. The committee was assembled to address and make recommendations in response to the decline in candidates entering the teaching profession, deficits of teachers in specific certification areas, and geographic inequities.