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The University's Mission Statement emphasizes the importance of faculty publications: "Distinguished for their teaching, research, scholarly publication, and creative activity, the faculty are committed to fostering a spirit of critical inquiry and civic participation." The Bookstore is honored to make these publications available for purchase by members of the University community and the general public.

Below is a list of some recently published faculty works. Please stop by or give us a call at (207)780-4070 to see what titles are currently in stock.

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Maine Photography by Bischof"Bischof examines the work of four women photographers, the now-celebrated Chansonetta Stanley Emmons, Emma Sewall, Emma Coleman and Joanna Colcord, and she covers labor photographs, from a formal daguerreotype of a carpenter with his square and folding rule to Lewis Hine’s rugged photographs of child workers." - William Barry, Portland Press Herald

Maine Photography: A History, 1840-2015
Elizabeth Bischof, Associate Professor of History

Statics and Rotational Dynamics of Composite Beams by GhroashiStatics and Rotational Dynamics of Composite Beams
Mehrdaad Ghorashi, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

"A comprehensive study of the nonlinear statics and dynamics of composite beams...[Ghorashi] illustrates that the transient solution of the nonlinear formulation of accelerating rotating beam converges to the steady state solution obtained by the shooting method...a thorough study of nonlinear elasticity of slender beams and is targeted to researchers, graduate students, and practicing engineers in the fields of structural dynamics, aerospace structures, and mechanical engineering." - Springer Publishing


Maine Nursing by HartMaine Nursing: Interviews and History on Caring and Competence
Valerie Hart, Professor of Nursing

"During the Vietnam War, Maine nurses helped build the Twelfth Evacuation Hospital at Cu Chi...In the early 1980s, nurse disease prevention educators in Portland rose to the challenge of combating the growing AIDS epidemic. Through historical anecdotes and fascinating oral histories, discover the remarkable sacrifices and achievements of Maine’s nurses." - Arcadia Publishing

Masculinities in the Making by Messerschmidt"Messerschmidt has a rare gift: he uses the well-chosen case study to make bigger and bigger claims, not by imposing some prepackaged theoretical frame onto his subjects, but by letting them frame their own stories. From micro-level interactions of gender nonconforming guys to public performances of our most recent presidents, Masculinities in the Making is both compelling and thoughtful." - Michael Kimmel, Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies, Stony Brook University

Masculinities in the Making: From the Local to the Global
James Messerschmidt, Professor of Sociology

Reading Rural Landscapes by SanfordReading Rural Landscapes: A Field Guide to New England's Past
Robert Sanford, Professor of Environmental Science and Policy

"One could continue singing praises of this publication for its section on “Stewardship and Protection,” with listings of various environmental and historical organizations and careful annotations. But I will conclude by simply saying what fun it is to read." - William Barry, Portland Press Herald

Vexation Lullaby by Tussing"Tussing is less interested in writing a rock novel than a road novel—that is, a story about how the highway is a path to finding your home...a standard-issue midlife-crisis novel with the volume cranked up...Tussing delivers it with wit and speed, and he recognizes that what’s most interesting about stardom is what takes place offstage." - Kirkus Reviews

Vexation Lullaby: A Novel
Justin Tussing, Associate Professor of English

The Poems of Catullus by UzziThe Poems of Catullus: An Annotated Translation
Jeannine Diddle Uzzi, Provost

"Poem by poem—with meticulous attention to the intricacies of Catullus’ carefully crafted language, and a stunning and thought-provoking introduction—Uzzi ...widens the gaze through which Catullus’ corpus is to be viewed...the translators do so much more than modernize him. They relocate him from the sideshow tent of classical and vulgar eccentricity and place him, deservedly, on the main stage as an influential, timeless, and deeply passionate poet." - Julia Bouwsma, Connotation Press

Unlikely Fame by Wagner"Has it gotten harder for Americans from poor backgrounds to become famous?...Unlikely Fame focuses on 27 poor people born after 1860 who made names for themselves, including Jack London, Charlie Chaplin, Billie Holiday, Malcolm X, Marilyn Monroe, Stephen King and Oprah Winfrey. Wagner shows how his subjects’ childhood deprivations haunted them throughout their lives. Shame is a common theme." - Arthur Delaney, The Huffington Post

Unlikely Fame: Poor People Who Made History
David Wagner, Professor of Social Work and Sociology

Future Nostalgia by WaldrepFuture Nostalgia: Performing David Bowie
Shelton Waldrep, Professor of English

"Waldrep’s ability to interpret the chameleon twists in Bowie’s work is impressive. He unveils the autobiographical moments and presents a nuanced reading of his often-ambiguous lyrics...the best critical assessment of the Bowie oeuvre that we have; it deftly provides shape and form to an amorphous body of work that often seems to defy interpretation." - James Penner, LA Review of Books

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