Upward Bound for Veterans & High School Students

Doris Juarez

Academic Advisor II, Upward Bound - STEM/Computer Science

Office Location

7 College Avenue, Gorham, ME 04038



Academic Degrees

  • B.A Biological Sciences, Smith College 2017


Doris joined the team in 2019 as the program's first STEM/Computer Science academic advisor. Since then, she has transitioned to a  traditional advisor role. She has enjoyed creating local partnerships with organizations across Maine that allow students to explore new career interests in various local industries. She likes to participate in discussions that seek to make college more accessible for TRIO students. She grew up in Portland and is an Alumna of USM's Upward Bound Program (2011-2013). Prior to this position, she was a research technician at Duke Univerisity's marine lab where her focus was on supporting projects that investigated coastal microbial communities.  As a first-generation Latina college graduate, she wants to help other students like her succeed in their college endeavors. In her free time, she can be found reading at the beach or hanging out with her dog.

Doris works with students at Sanford High School.