Campus Card & Cellular Services

Add Husky Bucks

Husky Bucks can be added Online (Minimum $5.00)

  • Before adding Husky Bucks you must have a USM Card Printed
  • Husky Bucks are required for on-campus printing
  • Use Husky Bucks at the Campus Book Store
  • Save Money on food purchases on campus - no tax when using Husky Bucks for food at kiosks and cafeterias
  • Family members are able to add to your Husky Buck account as well (go to the eAccount portal and click on "Make a guest deposit", you will be asked to enter the last name of the student as well as the students ID number (it is a 7 digit number), then press "Contribute").


Husky Buck Login


To login use your MaineStreet Username and Password

Husky Bucks can be added at Phil Stations (Minimum $1.00)  

  • You must have a USM Card to add Husky Bucks
  • Insert your card and insert cash to add funds to your Husky Bucks
  • Locations for the machines below:

PHIL STATION LOCATIONS:  Gorham - Bailey Hall front entrance, Lewiston-Auburn - Student Success Office hallwayPortland - 1st floor Glickman Library



*You must spend your Husky Bucks within a year of adding them or, to be in accordance with Maine State Law, the funds will be sent to the State of Maine Unclaimed Property.  We will send out notifications before the funds are removed and sent to the State.  To check if you have any funds in the Maine Unclaimed Property click HERE.


Terms and Conditions - #5 discusses "abandoned property" and what happens after 12 consecutive months of inactivity