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USM Card Access Policy and Guidelines


Campus Card Access

The purpose of the following guidelines and procedures is to ensure the highest degree of building and campus security for our faculty, staff, students, guests and community.

USM ID cards are issued by the USM Card Services office located on the Portland, Gorham and Lewiston/Auburn campuses. Card access will be assigned to an individual and is to be used solely by the individual assigned to the card. Card access can be issued to University staff, faculty, registered students, retirees, contractors and visitors and is reviewed on an annual basis.



The primary responsibility for USM card access lies with the USM Card Services office, a department within University Services Information Technology (US:IT). All approved requests will be processed by the USM Card Services office. Card access authority is issued by a Dean, Vice President or other designated USM cabinet member.

Responsibility for Card Holders:

  • Never loan ID cards to another person for card access
  • Never prop open doors
  • Never admit unauthorized people into buildings
  • Report lost or stolen ID cards immediately to the USM Card office at 780-5678
  • Follow all rules and regulations of the University when accessing a facility after regular hours of operation

Responsibility for Department Heads and Authorized Signers:

  • Complete and sign Card Access Request form
  • Maintain accurate records of card access requests
  • Inform USM Card Services of any necessary changes to staff, faculty, and students’ card access

Responsibility for Supervisors:

  • Complete and sign Card Access removal form
  • Promptly obtain the ID card upon separation of the employee and return it to USM Card Services

Responsibility of Human Resources:

  • Promptly report separation of employees by contacting Sue Robinson at 780-4445 or 780-5600.


Card Access Request Procedure

  • Requests for card access for employees, students and temporary access must be submitted by filling out the Card Access Request Form and emailing it to Please include the requested campus location in the subject line (Portland / Gorham / LAC).
  • Cards will typically be activated within two to four business days of receiving the card access request form.
  • Staff and faculty will receive an email once access is ready for use.
  • New employees who require card access on their campus card must first visit the USM Card office to obtain their card and have their picture taken.
  • Students requiring access to buildings or labs must be registered for the current semester.
  • Requests for changes to existing card access must be made by filling out the card access request form and emailing it to


Card Access Removal Procedure

  • Employees should follow the Employee Departure Notification procedure outlined by Human Resources HR will notify Card Services via email at when employees separate from the University. The employee's department is responsible for obtaining the employee's USM campus card prior to their departure from the University.


Lost or Stolen Cards

  • Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the USM Card Services office by calling 780-5678 or by visiting the Lost Card Page
  • There is a $20.00 replacement fee for lost, stolen or damaged cards.


Reporting a Problem

Problems with card access should be reported to USM Card Services at 780-5600 or via e-mail to

When reporting a problem, please provide the following information:

  • Name and card number of the cardholder experiencing the problem
  • Building and room number where the cardholder is experiencing the problem
  • Nature of the problem
  • Time and date the problem occurred


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