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GoArmyEd is the Army’s Virtual Gateway to Education. Students in the U.S. Army, Army Reserves, and Army National Guard must use GoArmyEd to access Federal Tuition Assistance (TA).

If you are new to GoArmyEd or not sure what to do, please review these two GoArmyEd presentations:

You will need to have your pop-up blocker disabled to access GoArmyEd.

If you have general questions after viewing these presentations, or need additional assistance:

  • Guard members, please contact Thomas Bolin, 207.430.6220
  • Reserve members, please contact Claire Shea, 978.796.2331
  • ROTC members who are in the Guard or Reserves, please contact CSM LaPlante, 207.780.5726

Please Note:  All GoArmyEd students have access to the GoArmyEd assistance line during business hours, 1.866.628.5999. If you are having technical difficulties logging in, or other computer-related issues, please contact the GoArmyEd HelpDesk at 1.800.817.9990.

There are four documents that you will need to upload to GoArmyEd in the eFile section of the site, as part of your application for TA. They include the following:

  1. Statement of Understanding (SOU)
  2. USM Bill for the Term You Are Applying for TA
  3. USM Course Schedule for the Term You Are Applying for TA
  4. Degree Plan for Your Major

The Statement of Understanding (SOU) is a document signed by your commander that must be updated annually. You need to upload an SOU to GoArmyEd each calendar year. Please contact your unit about obtaining an SOU.

USM Bill
If you have a hardcopy of your USM bill, you can scan it and upload it to your GoArmyEd eFile. If you do not have a hardcopy or misplaced it, you can access a pdf version of your bill.

Log onto MaineStreet and then go to your "Student Center.” Once there, look for the “Finances” heading, and then under "My Account" please click on "Details / Bill / Pay" and be sure that your pop-up blocker is disabled.

Once on this screen, please select "View Bill / Payment Options" (green box), which will open a new window. Then, click on the yellow box that reads "Access TouchNet Bill+Payment." If you have more than one yellow box displayed, please be sure to select the one with the specific wording "Access TouchNet Bill+Payment."

Clicking the yellow box should take you to another site. In the banner across the top of the new webpage, please click on "eBills." There, you can click on and access pdf versions of your bills. If you save the correct bill to your computer, you will be able to upload it directly to your GoArmyEd eFile.

USM Course Schedule
To access your course schedule, please log into MaineStreet and then go to your “Student Center.” Once there, look for the “Academics” heading, and then select “My Class Schedule.” Once printed, please scan into your computer.
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Special Degree Plan for ROTC Cadets
ROTC members must use a special Excel form for their degree plan -- it is called a CC Form 104-R.

Degree Plan for Non-ROTC Soldiers
USM does provide some pre-loaded degree plans for many majors and these graduation planners can assist you in the degree plan process. Lewiston-Auburn College degree plans are also available. If these forms are filled out and signed by an academic advisor the planners should meet the degree plan requirement for non-ROTC students.

Once you have downloaded the degree plan form(s), please review the degree requirements for your major in the USM Academic Catalog for your graduation requirement term, and then schedule a meeting with your USM academic advisor to review the plan. After finalizing your plan, your advisor must sign the form before you upload it to GoArmyEd. If you change your major, a brand new degree plan must be added to your GoArmyEd eFile. If you remain in the same program, you just need to update the degree plan each term.
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USM eRecruiting Site
Once you have your degree plan signed, please consider uploading it to your USM eRecruting site. You can store it there as a miscellaneous document for safe keeping.
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Once you are approved for TA, please print out the TA Authorization form, save it to your computer, and then attach the pdf version of the form to an email and send it to Cindy DeCosta. You can also print the approval form and bring it to Room 100, Bailey Hall, USM Student Accounts, Gorham Campus. How to print this form is covered in the How to apply for Federal Tuition Assistance (TA) presentation, pages 8-11.

If you have questions about the TA Authorization Form, please email Cindy DeCosta or call 207.780.5108.

If you have a financial aid award in addition to TA, you will want to update your USM Financial Aid counselor, as it could affect your financial aid award.
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Please note that it is your responsibility to drop and add courses on GoArmyEd, and to submit updated TA requests if a new course is added.
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