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Military Credit Evaluations


Military Credit Evaluations

Military Credit Evaluations are provided for those with active duty or reserve military training backgrounds in all branches of United States service: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force.Official documents are required for credit consideration, which may be given for work and/or training completed while in the military. 

Please note areas in which certain military trainings receive no credit.  

To Request an Official Transcript

In most cases, USM undergraduate students who are current or former members (active duty reserves) of the armed forces may qualify for credit and may access an Official Transcript Request Form or an electronic official transcript from one of the sites listed below. PLA prefers an electronic transcript.  NEW ADDRESS - Send official military transcripts to:

Lorrie Spaulding, Coordinator of Veterans Services, University of Southern Maine,235 Luther Bonney Hall, 88 Bedford Street, Portland, Maine  04104-9300

The following registries and contact information provide the opportunity for you to order official military transcripts and other documentation: 

Navy/Sailor/Marine - SMART transcripts:

Army (see Military Records):

Coast Guard:

Service Member Opportunity Services: 

If you are a veteran at USM:

NOTE:  As of May 1, 2013, those with military transcripts from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), should send their transcripts for credit review to Transfer Affairs, Admission Annex, on the Gorham Campus at USM (37 College Avenue, University of Southern Maine, Gorham, Maine  04038).

USM Credit not accepted from Military Transcripts

Do You Want to Post Your Military Credits?

There is no charge to post your military credits to your USM academic transcript. Please contact Lorrie Spaulding (, 207-780-5232) in 235 Luther Bonney Hall, 88 Bedford Street, Portland, Maine  04104-9300 with your request.