Veterans Services

Student Veterans Success Summit for Professionals

Photo of planning committee members Camden Ege, Alison Nolan, Lorrie Spaulding, and Brian Holtz

Director Lorrie Spaulding and Graduate Assistant Alison Nolan partnered with Director of the Maine State Approving Agency Camden Ege and Student Navigator of KVCC to host a Student Veteran Success Summit for Professionals.

The Summit occurred on January 13-15 and had 73 participants with representation from 20 colleges across Maine.

Each participant demonstrated their commitment to best serving the student veterans they work with.

The goal of this virtual Summit was to bring together higher education professionals from schools and organizations across Maine who advise and support military veterans, share knowledge about best practices happening in Maine that help veterans access and succeed at college, identify resources available to support our work, and to build a community of stakeholders for ongoing collaboration.

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