Content Review Checklist

As your sites develop and become ready for launch, we want to help you get all the right pieces in place and ensure you have all of what you need for a successful launch.

Attached to this message, you will find a brief checklist that outlines the required and optional elements (pages) that were identified and that we will use in the site review process with you. This checklist is not meant to be all-encompasing. It does not tell us (or you) if your site is truly "ready for launch." Many of you have a depth of content beyond the minimums in this checklist. It is a tool to help you and us gauge your progress and understand the work left to do.

Please feel free to use this checklist now and be ahead of the game (and help us save some time in the review process). We can answer questions you have when we start working with your site on the review.

As a reminder; we will start reviewing sites roughly in order of when you went to training, adjusted by the priorities we set out back in December.

Download a copy of the Content Review Checklist.