Design Questions and Answers

There have been a lot of questions surrounding the new graphical design for the University Web site. Here are some of the common questions and answers.

What will be consistent throughout the entire University website?

The over all “look and feel” (basic design) of the University website will be consistent throughout. This includes the header/footer design and location. The design and location of the sub-site (left) navigation, Quick Links and Resources boxes, and the promotional boxes are also fixed based on the type of page. You can modify the content of these items, but their locations and design is part of the overall design.

We are not an academic college, school, or department. What will our site look like?

For consistency and usability, the designs for non-academic departments or units is very similar to academic units. They differ in a few areas: the content of the sub-site (left) navigation and what you offer in quick links and resources. In addition, non-academic departments might not have a column for promotional information.

When can we see the design of the templates?

The design of the University’s homepage is now complete and approved. The design of the templates for all the other pages is currently underway and will be available on the Web CMS project site.

Can we change the Quick Links, and Resources items?

Yes. You have control over what goes in the Quick Links and Resources boxes that appear on your pages. You can change the content of them at any time. The specific content within these boxes will remain consistent throughout your site.

Can we change the pictures on our landing page?

Yes. The text as well. You will also be able to make the image a slideshow. These are key promotional areas for your department, school, college, etc..

What about the News and/or Events tabs? Do I need them, and do I control what goes in them?

You do not need to have the News and/or Events tabs. If you choose to include them, you have complete control over what goes in them and can update their contents at any time.

What about the promotional images? Do we need them? Who controls what goes in them?

It is not necessary that you have any promotional images/areas on any of your pages. Whatever you decide about having a landing page promo box, however, cannot be easily changed later. Interior pages do not have promotional images/areas. 

Can I customize the contents of the sub-site navigation?

The sub-site (left) navigation is based on the Information Architecture and is fixed at this point. This area is a key to the consistency of sites across the University. 

Realizing the migration process reveals the details that were not apparent in designing the architecture we are considering changes to the sub-site (left) navigation on a case-by-case basis. 

You will not be able to change the Overview, People, Location and Hours, or the Contact Us elements. 

What goes in the large rectangular blue box just below the header?

On your homepage the box will display a photo or slideshow and a short message on the right side. Interior pages do not display the rectangle at all, though the name of your department/office will always appear at the top of all of your site’s pages. The final designs will show a better view of this.