Project Timeline Questions and Answers

There have been some questions about the timeline for the Web Content Management System (Web CMS) project. We have collected the most common questions and provided answers here.

When will the new site go live?

It is currently scheduled to go live, or switch over from our current website, in mid-May, after Spring 2011 term and final exams.

What needs to be done by that time?

You should have your new site organization plan complete and the core pages in the Web CMS. This part actually needs to be done by the end of April.

The core pages include:

  • Overview
  • People (staff listing)
  • Landing, or home, page
  • Location and Hours
  • Contact Us

When can you start migrating content?

The Web CMS is available now for uploading your content. As we follow up on the initial content organization meetings, we’ll ask a few questions regarding your site to help us prepare your particular CMS account. Training sessions will be held the week of April 11.

This initial training is intended to get you started. Our Helpdesk staff will be available at 780-4029 to answer ongoing questions and offer assistance.