Web CMS Launch Information -- May 18, 2011

A monumental amount of effort has gone into the development of USM's next generation website. Your work and time has been essential to getting us where we are now. Unfortunately it's not yet where we need it to be for an effective, public, launch. The content reviews that have been conducted revealed some gaps in critical content that need to be filled before our new site is accessed by students and others in the community. 

Over the next few weeks, we will literally march through the major tabs (content areas) on the new website and work with you to fill in those gaps.  More details and the schedule for these focused efforts are shown below.  Please be aware of the schedule, and ready to complete or polish your content where needed. Using the content area tabs, perform a self-review and proofread in advance of your scheduled week.

In order to keep moving forward, we will have a "beta" launch tomorrow, May 19. This step will make the new USM Web CMS site visible to the entire University community and give everyone the opportunity to preview the work that has been done and contribute to resolving any gaps in the content.  

We have no doubt that the new website, with its new information architecture, new design, and the content you have built will be an important step forward for the University. We are similarly confident that the focused review and finalization steps over the next few weeks will allow us to launch a site which we will all be proud of.

Stephen Houser
Executive Director for Computing Services

Schedule Details
Each week we will be focusing in on a particular content area. We will also be reviewing for readiness the area of focus for the following week. These are in the same priority order set out earlier with only a few minor changes. 

Each content area, the tabs at the top of the home page, contains information from several departments and units. We will be focusing on getting all that content online with you. Please take the time to look at which content area (tab) has links to content in your department or unit. This will be your guide to when we will be working with you and your content.

May 19: Open site to wider University review (beta) and review Academics

May 23 to May 27: Finalize Academics and review Admission, About USM

May 30 to June 3: Finalize Admission and review Campus Life, Giving, Research

June 6 to June 10: Finalize Campus Life, Giving, Research and review News & Events

June 13 to June 17: Finalize News & Events and review Libraries & Technology, Students, Faculty & Staff

June 20 to June 24: Finalize all and launch