Web Content Management System Update -- March 21, 2011

The new USM Web site redesign and content management system conversion is a major project and involves changes that impact all of us, resulting in a new model of how we do business on the Web. The content management system will give everyone greater access and flexibility to make changes and keep content up to date, but it also involves some adaptation to consistent formats and structures. These were designed as part of a two, year-long information architecture redesign that was completed last December, and allowed broad opportunities for input. The final architecture was designed to make the Web more easily understood from a user perspective, rather than from an organizational perspective.

In January of 2011, we launched this next phase of the project helping people rewrite and migrate their content, along with developing the final design templates. The home page design has been completed as is posted on the Web at www.usm.maine.edu/webcms, along with project FAQs and other information that may be useful to you.

This is the first of regular updates about the conversion process, to ensure that everyone is kept informed of our progress. We’ll need your help to focus on your content and keep on schedule, because we only have limited time that we've contracted for design and content support from Greater Good Marketing to help the university migrate over to the content management system. Many of you have been meeting with Marcus Fairbrother or Ann Swardlick of Greater Good Marketing to review your departmental sites as well as assist you with rewriting your Web copy. Some departments have completed this rewriting-for-the-Web phase and are now ready to transfer their information into the new CMS.

The first launch of the new Web CMS will occur approximately May 19. As such, we are working with several deadlines in which everyone’s cooperation is needed to help meet the timelines established as this project progresses.

  • Folks who have not met with Marcus or Ann need to schedule a meeting as soon as possible.
  • Folks who are ready to transfer their information will be contacted about CMS training very soon.

Thank you for your cooperation and help with this project.

Stephen Houser
Executive Director for Computing Services