Web Content Management System Update -- May 16, 2011

This Thursday, May 19 is our planned launch of the new Web CMS. We thank all of you for your hard work for getting this project to its current stage. Last week, the Web CMS team began reviewing sites for their completion of the minimum pages for launch. This week, all sites will begin receiving greater scrutiny.

The minimum pages for launch include:

All Departments

  • Overview
  • People; by creating individual pages
  • Location & Hours
  • Contact Us
  • Quick Links
  • Resources
  • Heading Image; at least one appropriate photo/image with text on the landing page
  • Promotional Content; If you chose the layout with a promotional area

For Academic Departments

  • Degrees & Certificates or Programs; which includes requirements and program of study
  • Faculty biographical pages (shows under people)

For Administrative Departments

  • Services; where applicable

For Units that contain other departments

  • Departments

Are your minimum (copy proofed, all links tested, images reviewed) ready to go? Are you prepared that when the new CMS goes “live”, your old site will go “dark”? As previously mentioned, default images for your landing pages will be available this week and post-launch; customized images or special requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

To view the sites-in-progress, visit:

Thank you,

Stephen Houser
Executive Director for Computing Services

Visit the Web CMS site for the latest up to date information.