Web Governance

For the full text of the Web Governance document, download the Web Governance (pdf). The introduction is included here for a quick overview.

The University of Southern Maine’s Web presence is the preeminent tool for communicating with and conducting transactions with the University's most important internal and external audiences and has become indispensable to the delivery of instruction and other core services. USM has a vested legal interest in the use of its name, symbols and registered marks. The Web touches all areas of the University, and all benefit from improvements to USM’s Web presence. Given finite resources and the rapidity of technological change, the growing demands for Web-based services can only be met through University-wide solutions that eliminate duplication of effort and foster efficiency.

The purpose of the Web Governance document is to provide guidance to protect the legal rights of the institution, for presenting a uniform brand and message, and to establish standards to enable the first two items. This will be done by the establishment of a three level hierarchy of governance groups that will follow shared values and principles.