Women and Gender Studies Program

Complete List of WGS Approved Electives

Women & Gender Studies Approved Electives as of April 2013


ANT                         232I            Anthropology of Sex and Gender Ö

ANT                         299            Women, Arts and Tourism (WST 245) »

ARH/CLA             321             Art, Architecture, and Archaeology of the Ancient World/ Classical Art Ö (WST 345)

ARH                         311            Gender Identity and Modern Art

CMS                         310             Cinema and Women (WST 345)

CMS                         310            Magnificent Obsessions: The Movies of Sirk, Fassbinder, and Haynes (WST 345)

CMS                         486            Women in Film (WST 445)

CMS                         484            Activism and Film (WST 445)

CRM                         317            Gender and Crime (WST 365)

ECO                         322             Economics of Women and Work

ENG                        326            Arab Women Writers (WST 345) »

ENG                        263            New Woman in American Fiction (WST 345)

ENG                        319            Species, Sex, Gender, and Science Fiction (WST 335)

ENG                         342             Recent Theories on Gender & Sexuality

ENG                        344            Sex/Gender and Sexuality

ENG                        345            Racial Formations

ENG                         348             David Bowie

ENG                        353            Medieval Women Writers (WST 345) Ö

ENG                         354             Joan of Arc Ö (WST 365)

ENG                         366            Aphra Behn and the Libertine Tradition (WST 320) Ö

ENG                         377             Oscar Wilde

ENG                         379             Earlier Women Writers Ö

ENG                         387             Women Writers Since 1900 (WST 345)

ENG                        387            Women Writers Since 1900: Lesbian Fiction (WST 345)

ENG                        387            Other Feminisms (WST 345)

ENG                        394            New Woman in American Fiction (WST 345)

ENG                        445            American Contexts of Witchcraft (WST 445) Ö

ENG                         445            David Bowie

ENG                        491            Performing Race and Gender in 20th Century America

ENG                         491            Women and Islam: The Veil (WST 445) »

EYE                            109            Gender, Representation and Resistance (WST 101 equivalent)

GEO                        302            Gender, Work, and Space (WST 365)

GEO                         450            Gender, Race, Class and the City (WST 465)

HRD                        545            Gender and Learning (WST 320)

HTY                        339            European Women’s History (WST 355) Ö

HTY                        341            Black Women in the Americas

HTY                         364             History of Women in the United States (WST 355)

HTY                         364             Maine Women’s Lives (WST 355)

HTY                        394            Gender and Sexuality in Latin America (WST 365)

HTY                        394            Modern China: Women, Culture, and Revolution »

HTY                        394            Homosexuals and Heterosexuals in History

HTY                        394            History of Women in 20th Century America

HTY                        394            History of Women in Maine

HTY                        394            History of Women in Latin America »

HTY                        394            Pioneer Women in America West: Myth and Reality

HTY                        394            Sexuality, Disease, Difference: 17th-20th Century Ö

HTY                         394            American Women’s Lives: 20th Century

HTY                        394            Russian Women’s History »

HTY                        394            Caribbean Women: Barbados and Jamaica »

HTY                        394            The Historical Construction of Sexuality

HUM                        251H            Masculinities in U.S. Literature and Culture

HUM                        342            Contemporary Women of Color in Fiction

HUM                        342H            Women Writing Around the World

HUM                        358H            Motherhood: Political Institution, Cultural Icon, Defining Experience           

HUM                        389            Sexuality in Literature and Film

HUM                        389H            Sexualities in US Literature and Culture (WST 320)

PHI                         110E            Sex, Gender, and Society

PHI                        112E/W             Introduction to Philosophy: Feminist Perspectives

PHI                        220            Philosophy of Art (WST 245)

PHI                        221            Philosophy of Film (WST 245)                                                           

PHI                         290/245            African Diaspora, Social Justice and Exile (WST 245) »

PHI                         265             Philosophy and Gender

PHI                         312            Gender in African Literature and Film » ( WST 345)

RUS                        281H            Russian Literature in Translation: Women Writers »

SBS                        341            The Family

SBS                        361            Psychology and Sociology of Women

SOC                         316             Sociology of Gender (WST 365)

SOC                         330             Sociology of the Family

SOC                         358             Sociology of Women’s Work (WST 365)

SOC                        365            Sociology of the Body (WST 335)

SOC                         380             Sociology of Sexuality

SOC                         393            Women, Welfare, and the State (WST 365)

SWO                        374            Sexual Harassment in Education and Work (WST 320)

SWO                         375/575             Gender and Aging (WST 365/465)

THE                        360            Butches, Bitches, & Buggers: An Exploration of Twentieth-Century Queer Drama (WST 345)

THE                        451            Women and Theater

THE                        451            20th Century U.S. Women Playwrights

WST                        320            Gender and Faith Traditions: Critical Perspectives Ö

ANES                        599            American Contexts of Witchcraft (WST 455) Ö

ANES                        645            Women and Popular Culture (WST 420)

ANES                        650            Shopping: The Gender and Politics of Consumption

ANES                        650            Women Writing Across the Color Line (WST 445) 

ANES                         665             Sex in New England (WST 420)

Ö - Courses that fulfill the pre-1800 requirement.

» - Courses that fulfill the outside the western norm requirement.