Women and Gender Studies Program


WGS Students
On August 22, feminist faculty, affiliated scholars, WGS students and alums will gather at the Bayside Bowl, 58 Alder St, in Portland to collaborate, celebrate and network.
Minimum Wage
A city-wide discussion on The Minimum Wage will take place from 5-7 p.m., on Wednesday, August 20, in Rines Auditorium, Portland Public Library, Congress St., Portland.
A 5th Feminist Happy Hour Takeover is planned for Thursday, July 10th from 5:30 to 8:30PM at In'finiti Fermentation and Distillation, 250 Commercial Street, Portland. We encourage everyone to join us to expand and celebrate feminist community at USM.
 Professor Charlotte Rosenthal, Oleg, and Liuda, from Archangel, Russia
A petition asks the Portland City Council to cease dealing with officials in Archangel who persecute LGBT people.
Susan Fineran
NASW member Susan Fineran, a University of Southern Maine professor, is one of the few academics studying the issue, the article says. Fineran has done three studies about teen workers and sexual harassment. She says teens can become normalized to certain behaviors at school, so they may not speak up when they experience similar situations at work.
Prof. Lorrayne Carroll and Director of WGS, Lucinda Cole
WGS Director Lucinda Cole welcomed the assembly and began the celebration by congratulating our graduating seniors and by recognizing four of the five students graduating this year with Honors in the major. Paige Barker, Jessica Benn, Samantha Lyman and Olivia Meyer all received their purple honors stoles. Caroline O’Connor, who is graduating with a dual degree in Sociology and WGS was unfortunately omitted from the awards program but will be also graduating with Honors.
What common habits of assigning gender to people, bodies, and activities might we want to think twice about? What resources are particularly useful in creating and sustaining community? How can we make physical spaces welcoming and usable for all? This conversation is intended for all members of our community: for people new to these issues and people long concerned with them. Share what you know, discover what you don't. Help make Portland more inclusive for people of all genders.
Prof. Susan Feiner
The Equal Pay Act of 1963 didn’t level the playing field when it comes to gender divisions at work. Here’s the one thing you absolutely must know about pay equity: There isn’t any.
Carolyn Cunningham
Women and Gender Studies Alumni and 2011 USM Outstanding Graduate in WGS recipient, Carolyn Cunningham received the Exemplary Faculty Award at Gonzaga University this week in Spokane, Washington.
Eryn Howe presenting at TM 2013
Members of the Women and Gender Studies Program Capstone class will be presenting their thesis and internship papers at the USM Thinking Matters, a one-day, once-a-year conference, that is a capstone that reflects what's going on all year long in departments all across campus on April 25th. The WGS student presentations will be held from 12:15-4:30PM in room 201 of Payson Smith Hall on the Portland Campus.


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