Women and Gender Studies Program

Prof. Assunta Kent named Season Archivist for Portland Stage Company

Assunta Kent, (Theater and Women & Gender Studies) presented the paper Playing Together Across Racial Divides: Patient Preparation for Respectful Direction, at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education in Orlando, August 2013.  This paper was based in part on her direction of The Poet and the Assassins: Daughters of Iran (by Affiliated Scholar Reza Jalali) for the USM Women and Gender Studies annual celebration in 2012 and with a new cast in April 2013 for the University of New England at Biddeford City Theatre.  Kent also presented Keeping Theatre "In Play" in Old and New General Education: Theatre History as Social Cultural Analysis; Cause-based Performance Art as a Capstone in Orlando. Kent has also been named season archivist for Portland Stage Company by The New England Theatre Journal; her first annual report will appear in their fall 2013 edition.