Women and Gender Studies Program

Susan Fineran [node:person_suffix]

Professor of Women and Gender Studies and Social Work
Susan  Fineran


G37 Masterton Hall, Portland Campus

Contact Information

Phone: (207) 228-8533

Dr. Susan Fineran is a professor at the University of Southern Maine School of Social Work and Women and Gender Studies. Her professional career includes clinical experience in the areas of aging, substance abuse, child and family treatment, sex discrimination and women’s issues.
Research Interests

Peer sexual harassment and bullying in schools and the mental health implications for children and adolescents.  Workplace sexual harassment of employed teenagers, dating violence and sexual assault of adolescents and young adults.  Susan is the principal investigator in the Campus Interpersonal Violence Safety Project Grant awarded by the Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women.  This Grant started in October 2009 and ends in September 2012, the award amount was $300,000.

Recent Publications

Fineran, S., & Gruber, J.E. (2009). Sexual harassment and teens at work
Child Abuse & Neglect, 33, (8), 550-559

Gruber, J.E , & Fineran, S. (2008). Comparing the Impact of Bullying and
Sexual Harassment Victimization on the Mental and Physical Health of Adolescents Sex Roles, 58, (13-14)

Fineran, S., & Gruber, J.E. (2008). Sexual harassment and mental health.
In M. Paludi (Ed.) The psychology of women at work: Challenges and solutions for our female workforce. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group

Fineran, S., McDonald, S., & Constable, R. (2008).  Bullying, and sexual harassment in schools: Pathways to assessment. In R. Constable, C.R. Massat, S. McDonald, & J.P. Flynn (Eds.), School social work: Practice, policy, and research (7th Edition).
Chicago: Lyceum.