Women and Gender Studies Program

WGS heads to Iceland!

USM WGS heads to Iceland!

Women and Gender Studies has been awarded a Maine Economic Improvement Fund planning grant. The project funded, “Promoting Gender Equity in Maine by Applying Lessons from Viking Economics” seeks to explore the key policy drivers and economic practices used in Iceland to open economic opportunities for women in industries that are important to Maine and Icelandic economies.

Iceland is ranked first in the world for the status of women. The US is ranked 28th, and Maine is ranked 19th among the states. WGS, working with our community partners and Icelandic experts, will help us formulate policies in Maine to increase female participation rates in industries where women are underrepresented. In addition, the WGS program seeks to establish study abroad opportunities for Maine students concerned with gender equity. We begin our collaboration with scholars from the University of Iceland’s Center for Research on Diversity and Gender this May at the Maine Women’s Studies Consortium retreat.

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