Women and Gender Studies Program

Virtual Portland Women's History Trail in the Works

Eileen Eagan

Prof. Eileen Eagan (History and Women & Gender Studies) is working on a "Digitizing Maine" project over the summer, developing an online Portland Women's History Trail. Funded through a MEIF ( Maine Economic Investment Fund) a state/System grant, this project will be part of the curriculum for Prof. Eagan's fall HTY 364/WST 355: Women in US History course. Students will be locating images and documents that can be attached to the online trail as part of their course work and once completed, the e-trail will be part of the Digital Commons platform, based in the Glickman Library. Other trails. e.g. Professor Wendy Chapkis' (Sociology & Women and Gender Studies) proposed Pink LGBT trail can then be built based on it. Prof. Lisa Walker (English & Women and Gender Studies) is also participating in the "Digitizing Maine" project, and Prof. David Carey (History & Women and Gender Studies) is one of the leaders of the project.