Women and Gender Studies Program

WGS & General Education

WGS and the General Education Curriculum at USM

USM students can complete a significant part of the general education core curriculum by taking Women and Gender Studies courses:

Entry year experience:  "Gender, Representation, and Resistance" (EYE109)

Socio-Cultural Analysis:  "Introduction to Women and Gender Studies" (WST 101)

Cultural Interpretations:  "Women, Knowledge and Power" (WST 201)

Ethical Inquiry, Social Responsibility & Citizenship: 

"Politics of Difference" (WST 380)

"Africa, Social Justice and Exile" (WST 245/PHI 245)

International/Diversity: "Africa, Social Justice and Exile" (WST 245/PHI 245)

Many Women and Gender Studies courses also satisfy either the Diversity or the International requirement and a WGS minor can be used to satisfy the "Cluster" requirement.  For more information and advising, please contact the Women and Gender Studies office at wgs@usm.maine.edu or 780-4289.