Women and Gender Studies Program

Women and Gender Studies Faculty and Affliliated Scholars

Affiliated scholars are a community of feminist scholars from across the university, many of whom offer Women & Gender Studies cross-listed courses. We are proud to offer a diverse array of courses from a broad field of disciplines, and to foster interdepartmental collaboration.

Affiliated Scholars do not serve on the Women & Gender Studies Council. For a list of faculty that serve on the Women & Gender Studies Council, visit our Faculty page.


Women and Gender Studies Affiliated Scholars

Kathleen Ashley, Distinguished Professor of English, Emerita, rxs273@maine.edu

Elizabeth M Bischof, Professor of History and Executive Director of Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education, elizabeth.bischof@maine.edu

Donna Cassidy, Professor of Art and American/New England Studies, cassidy@maine.edu

Carolyn Eyler, Director of Exhibitions, USM Art Galleries, ceyler@maine.edu

Susan Fineran, Professor Emerita of Social Work, Professor of Women and Gender Studies, sfineran@maine.edu

Joyce Gibson, Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Studies, jgibson@maine.edu

Nancy Gish, Professor of English, Emerita, nancy.gish@maine.edu

Jane Kuenz, Associate Dean, School of Business, Professor of English, kuenz@maine.edu

Cheryl Laz, Associate Professor of Sociology, cheryl.laz@maine.edu

Heidi Parker, Associate Professor of Sport Management, heidi.m.parker@maine.edu

Betty Robinson, Professor Emerita of Leadership Studies, brobinso@maine.edu

Leroy Rowe, Associate Professor of History/Political Science, leroy.rowe@maine.edu

Kim Simmons, Associate Professor of Women and Gender Studies and Sociology, part-time, kimberly.simmons@maine.edu

Daniel Sonenberg, Professor of Music, daniel.sonenberg@maine.edu

Theresa Theodose, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, theodose@maine.edu

Elizabeth Turesky, Professor of Leadership & Organizational Studies, eturesky@maine.edu

Shelton Waldrep, Professor & Chair of English, waldrep@maine.edu

Joanne Williams, Dean, College of Management and Human Service, joanne.williams@maine.edu