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Winter FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


When does Winter Session begin?

Winter Session begins on December 21, 2015 and ends on January 15, 2016. 

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What should I expect when taking a condensed/accelerated
4- week course?

First, a condensed course is a course that is shortened from the typical
15 weeks to 4 weeks. The requirements for a condensed course are generally the same as for a full semester course, just in much less time - it's an intensive term!  For example, you may need to read 4 chapters per week for a 4-week course vs.1 chapter per week in a 15-week course.

The amount of work and hours per day can vary.  In most cases, you can expect to spend 20-25 hours per week and approximately 4-5 hours per day working on your course.

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How many courses or credits can I take?

Due to the condensed/intensive format, it is not recommended that students take more than one course during Winter Session. Students can take a maximum of 4.5 credits. 

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Who can register for Winter classes?

USM has open enrollment for Winter courses beginning on September 21st and continuing until the session begins, space permitting. USM students, students from other colleges and universities, interested adults, and senior citizens are welcome to register for winter courses.

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When can I register for a Winter class?

Registration will begin on Monday, September 21, 2015.  Registration will continue until the start of the session as space allows in any given course.  For complete registration details, visit Registration Information.

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How do I search for Winter courses in MaineStreet?

USM MaineStreet Class Search provides course availability and class information. View the YouTube video below for a quick tutorial on how to use Class Search.

Just remember that Winter Session in part of the Fall term. Choose Fall 2015 as the search term. Under Additional Search Criteria, click on the drop down Session menu and select Winter Session. 

MaineStreet Class Search

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How can I register for a Winter class?

There are 3 ways to register:

  1. In person at all USM campuses during regular business hours.
  2. Online via MaineStreet Student Self-Service for current students.
  3. Call 207-780-5230 during regular business hours.

For complete registration details, visit Registration Information.

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How will I know if I am enrolled in the class I want to take?

You will get immediate verbal confirmation when you register in-person or by phone. If registering online with MaineStreet Student Self-Service, you will be able to see the course on your Fall 2015 course schedule.

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Can I still register after classes begin?

Students may add any Winter class through the first day, space permitting. Students may add a Winter class through the second day with written permission of the instructor only.

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How do I access my Winter course?

Winter courses can be accessed through a system called Blackboard. Blackboard is the learning management system (LMS) chosen and supported by the University of Maine System for online education.

Winter online courses will be available in Blackboard approximately one week before the course begins.

For more information on how to access and navigate Blackboard visit our tutorials page or contact the USM Helpdesk via email or phone at 207-780-4029. 

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What should I do once I'm registered?

If you have never taken courses at USM before, there are several things you should do before your course starts:

1. Activate your USM e-mail account
2. Get your books
3. Pay your bill
4. Check Financial Aid (if applicable)

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How can I tell if the class I want to take is still available?

To see if a class is still open via the web, locate your class on the MaineStreet Class search by clicking here. You can also check course availability by calling Registration Services at 207-780-5230.

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How do I find out if a course has prerequisites?

Generally, course prerequisites are listed in MaineStreet Class Search under Enrollment Requirements. Course descriptions are linked to the course number on MaineStreet class search.

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What student services are available online?

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What does it cost?

Tuition for both undergraduate and graduate courses is charged per credit hour. For a full listing of tuition rates and fees, please visit Payment Information page.

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How can I pay?

The University accepts cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for payments. Visit Payment Information for complete financial details including payment plans and refund schedules.

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Can I apply for financial aid?

Winter Session is considered part of the Fall term and is thus part of your Fall financial aid package.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for eligibility information at 780-5250.

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What is the refund policy?

Tuition and mandatory fees will be reduced in accordance with the schedule below when a student officially withdraws from Winter Session. For purposes of calculating financial adjustments when a student withdraws from a 4-week Winter class, the attendance period begins on December 21, 2015:

Withdrawal Deadline

Withdrawal on or before December 24, 2015                                   100%
Withdrawal after December 24, 2015                                                  0%

Please note: Travel courses have special refund schedules. Please contact the Office of International Programs directly at (207) 780-4959 or

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How do I get my Winter grades?

Grades are not mailed to students. Grades are usually processed by the Registrar's office within 7 days of the end of the course. Students may check their grades using MaineStreet Self-Service or by requesting a transcript (see next question for more details).

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How do I get a transcript?

To get an official transcript of your grades, you must complete a Transcript Request form or submit a signed request in writing to: Registrar's office, 37 College Ave, Gorham, ME 04038. Students may also fax their request to (207) 780-5517. See the Registrar's web site for complete information. All university charges must be paid before a transcript is released.

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Are my courses transferable to another college or university?

USM is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. To know if your university will accept transfer of a USM course, please check with your home institution regarding their acceptance procedure. This is usually available from your registrar's office or your academic advisor at your home institution.

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