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Study Criminology in Portland, Maine!
students walking by Abromson Center
Study Criminology in Portland, Maine !
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Study Criminology in Portland, Maine!
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Study Criminology in Portland, Maine!
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The Department of Criminology offers a four-year program leading to a bachelor of arts degree in criminology. The program provides students with a liberal arts education whose focus is the complex relations among crime, law, and society, and which emphasizes the social sciences. The curriculum is a rigorous series of courses which provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of crime and crime control in contemporary, historical, and comparative perspective. The core of the curriculum is an integrated set of required courses. These courses are designed as a cumulative set of experiences and should be taken in sequence. Elective courses enable students to place their criminological interests in a broader perspective. Many students in the program are interested in social and human service occupations related to criminal, juvenile, and social justice. The program also prepares students for a wide variety of other career options and provides as excellent basis for graduate study in criminology, other social sciences, and law.

Advance Registration for Fall 2014

Advance registration for Fall 2014 will begin on Monday, April 14th.  You must have an advising appointment with your faculty advisor before you can receive your PIN to register for classes.

Please see our Newsletter for information on scheduling an appointment with your advisor. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the Criminology Department at 780-4105!