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State Authorization


Since 2010, individual states have regulated "state authorizations" for colleges and universities. Broadly explained, each state determines whether an institution is authorized to operate within that particular state. "Operate" could mean having a physical presence, like a recruiting office, or it could simply mean offering an online course that citizens of that state could take for credit. It could mean a student participating in an internship/field experience in that state, or the institution employing an instructor in that state.

Every state has a different definition of operate and a different process for state authorizations. As such, USM needs to make sure that we're authorized in any given state to operate there.

At USM, we and everyone in the University of Maine System, are working towards participating in the national state authorization reciprocal agreement. Until we are participating, though, we need to work with individual states to either request a waiver or apply for program authorization to operate within that state.

Please use the links below for the Waiver Process and Request Form. For more information on this subject, please visit

Waiver Process Flow Chart

Waiver Request Form

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