Maine Center for Business and Economic Research

Matthew D. Dean Ph.D.

Director and Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Matthew D. Dean Ph.D.


118 Bedford Street, Portland

Contact Information

Phone: 207.780.4854

Dr. Matthew D. Dean is the Director of the Maine Center for Business and Economic Research (MCBER) and an Assistant Professor in the School of Business at the University of Southern Maine. He teaches in the fields of management science, operations management, and statistical data analysis. The crux of his research involves developing modeling tools and methodologies for addressing complex management decision-making challenges.

Dr. Dean seeks real business problems to solve using business analytics, with a primary emphasis on transforming data into insight for making better management decisions. He was previously a faculty member at the University of New Orleans and earned his Ph.D. in Operations and Information Management from the University of Connecticut School of Business. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Dean worked at several telecommunications companies, including two start-ups, and an employee-owned company specializing in providing analytical solutions to complex problems.

New Publications

"Building ARIMA and ARIMAX Models for Predicting Long-Term Disability Benefit Application Rates in the Public/Private Sectors"

Authored by MCBER staff and published by the Society of Actuaries Health Section, this report investigates two statistical approaches to forecasting long-term disability benefit claims.

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