University of Southern Maine (USM) research extends beyond the traditional: our faculty and staff bring extensive experience and multidisciplinary approaches to create, investigate, question, and explore — with the goal of advancing knowledge that can be applied in the real world.

Our students work closely with faculty and researchers to explore and create new learning in a broad range of fields — whether participating in classroom-based research or serving on externally-funded research initiatives.

Future Focused: Maine’s Workforce and Economic Development

We are dedicated to developing a skilled and educated workforce to meet Maine’s evolving workforce needs. By continually expanding our academic programming — in areas such as nursing, public health, food studies, cybersecurity, and regulatory ethics – and linking programs with research initiatives, we are cultivating a pipeline of future leaders to support the state’s expanding and emerging industries.

We advance Maine’s economic prosperity by partnering with businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and communities to offer research services, training, consultation, and technical assistance. Through these valuable partnerships, we offer resources and practical solutions for critical issues by focusing our academic and applied research strengths on achieving positive impacts for our communities, the region, and the nation. 

Responsiveness and Collaboration: Our Global Reach

Through our research and scholarship, we respond to community needs locally, nationally, and internationally. Our diverse partnerships reflect this approach. The University engages with more than 100 unique funders — from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the US Department of Education, and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, to local businesses, organizations, and foundations.

While continuing to invest in Maine’s economic and social future, we tap our growing international university and business collaborations to provide our students with international internship opportunities and study abroad experiences, preparing them to serve the community through a world-minded sense of service.

Leadership and Cultural Enhancement: Academic Research

Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity
In addition to engaging in the University’s externally-funded research, our faculty members actively present at conferences and symposiums, exhibit artwork, organize expert panel discussions, and form community partnerships. They continually examine questions and issues of cultural, political, and social significance on regional, national, and international levels.

Student Engagement
At the core of our research, scholarship, and creative activity is a dedication to strengthening classroom education and transforming the lives of our students through real-world learning opportunities.

How we achieve this:

  • Faculty bring research developments back to the classroom and engage students in hands-on scholarly and creative activities.
  • We provide generous funding and resources for undergraduate student research.
  • We connect our graduate students with valuable graduate assistantships, where research and professional development are paramount.

Connect with us

USM Research serves as a resource for faculty, staff, and student research. We offer comprehensive research support and oversight for research administration, development, and investment.

How we provide support:

  • Promoting. Build the University’s capacity and strategy for research and scholarship and assist faculty and staff in finding funding and developing proposals.
  • Supporting. Invest in economic development initiatives through the Maine Economic Improvement Fund to seed, pilot, and scale grants that improve the University, community, and nation.
  • Managing. Financial management and assistance for project staff from proposal development to execution and administration of funded research, grants, and contracts.