As you pursue your master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Southern Maine (USM), you’ll find that research is a dynamic element of coursework; capstone projects; thesis and dissertation development; and graduate assistantships.

With the support of our faculty and professional research staff, our students perform solution-oriented inquiry and analysis, with multiple benefits:

  • Professional development and enhanced career opportunities.
  • Networking with the business and non-profit community, as well as government agencies.
  • Stipends and the potential for tuition waivers.
  • Co-authoring and co-presenting research articles and reports.
A professor hugging a student at commencement

Supportive Faculty and Staff

More than 200 faculty and professional staff members engage in externally funded research each year, in addition to the numerous faculty members who conduct University-funded research. At the core of our research is the pursuit of solutions for complex societal issues — and we want you to be a part of it.

Chat with our faculty to learn more about their research interests and how they incorporate research developments into our academic programs. You’ll find that our faculty are supportive of graduate students’ interests and career goals and are eager to provide mentorship and highlight student work.

The professional research staff members of the Catherine Cutler Institute are dedicated to advancing and supporting the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. The research conducted at the Institute is the outcome of strategic community partnerships, which offer our students the opportunity for graduate assistantships.

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Graduate Research Opportunity (GRO) Program

Are you currently working on research, scholarship, or creative activity and looking for funding to help you take your project to the next level? Are you curious about different aspects of the research process and looking to learn more? Would you value more connection and community with fellow student researchers at USM? The Graduate Research Opportunity Program (GRO) is here to help with all of that and more.

The GRO program offers grants of up to $1,000 to students in all research disciplines and workshops focused on key aspects of research like publishing, presenting, grant writing, and more.

Two smiling graduate students working at a University event

Valuable Graduate Assistantships

We offer more than 100 graduate assistantships each year in our academic programs, administrative offices, research centers, and institutes. Our graduate assistants gain vital academic experience, professional development, and networking opportunities, along with a stipend and the potential for tuition waivers.

Graduate assistantships can lead to presenting at regional or national conferences, co-authoring articles in national peer-reviewed journals, executing national research for federal agencies and foundations, as well as networking and employment opportunities.

Group of three women on the mountains during a North Atlantic Initiative travel event

Enriching Partnerships and Study Abroad

We’re proud of our strong relationships with regional and national businesses and nonprofits, as well as state and federal government agencies.

Through our partnerships in the healthcare industry, K-12 school districts, mental and behavioral health agencies, and regional and state government, we provide graduate students with opportunities to participate in research that enhances their professional development and career opportunities.

Additionally, the University has established formal partnerships with businesses in the North Atlantic region, as well as Iceland’s Reykjavik University and Norway’s University of Tromsø, providing additional research opportunities — and a chance to study abroad.