Office of Research Integrity and Outreach

IRB Member Resources


Ethical Principles:

The Belmont Report

Nuremberg Code

World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki


Code of Federal Regulations:

Human Subjects Research (45 CFR 46)

45 CFR 46 (the Human Research Regulations) FAQ’s

Family Educational Rights and Privacy

Student Rights in Research, Experimental Programs, and Testing


 USM Policies and Procedures:

The University of Southern Maine Policies, Procedures and Guidance for Human Subjects Research

Policy on Review of Student Classroom Projects

The University of Southern Maine HIPPA Policy

University of Maine System Information Security Policy & Standards

Data Security Standards for Business Sensitive Data Obtained for Research Purposes

Data Security Standards for Compliant Data Obtained for Research Purposes


Guidance Documents:

Recruitment Material Guidance

Student Handbook on Human Subject Research

The Role and Responsibilities of the Faculty Advisor

Child Assent/Parental Permission


 Informed Consent:

Program for Readability in Science and Medicine (PRISM)

PRISM Readability Toolkit

Informed Consent Checklist

Adult Consent Form Template

Informed Consent FAQ’s


Frequently Asked Questions about Human Research:

Children: Research with Children FAQ’s

Prisoner Research FAQ’s


Protocol Review:

Categories of Research That May be Reviewed by the IRB through and Expedited Review Procedure

Criteria for IRB approval of research

Approval of Research with Conditions: OHRP Guidance

Guidance on IRB Continuing Review of Research  

Research Involving People with Intellectual Disabilities

eProtocol Reviewer - Visual Guide

eProtocol Approving a Protocol - Visual Guide