Researchers are obligated to disclose significant financial interests upon submitting a proposal for external funding or upon a change in financial interest which creates the possibility of a conflict of interest in regard to a research proposal.

The University of Southern Maine has enrolled in the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) Clearinghouse as a Public Health Service FCOI Compliant Institution.

FCOI Training

Financial Conflict of Interest training is available online through Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) (external link).

New User – FCOI CITI Quick Visual Guide (pdf)

Return User – FCOI CITI Quick Visual Guide (pdf)

If this is your first CITI training course, you will need to register

Please select the University of Maine System as the Participating Institution

Question 5: Conflicts of Interest (University of Southern Maine Campus ONLY)


FCOI Resources

Please refer to Responsible Conduct in Research for National Science Foundation (NSF) grant requirements for additional training.


USM Financial Conflict of Interest Policy (pdf)

National Institutes of Health – FCOI Information (external link)

National Institutes of Health – FCOI FAQs (external link)

National Institutes of Health – Disclosure Requirements for Reimbursed and Sponsored Travel (external link)