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The University of Southern Maine received the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program (AAHRPP) accreditation September 2022. AAHRPP is an international, independent nonprofit organization that reviews and accredits an institution’s human research protections program (HRPP). 

Why is this important?

ORIO has voluntarily gone through the rigor of accreditation for research participants. AAHRPP standards go “above and beyond” and recognize additional requirements that must be met should research be supported by other entities, such as the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Department of Justice (DoJ) funded research regarding human subjects.

Before and After participation View a collection of short videos to prepare for participation in research. After participating in research approved by the USM IRB, we would appreciate hearing about your experience with a 3 question anonymous survey.

Thinking Matters: Whether in a classroom, in a lab or in a studio innovative research and creative work are the heart of any dynamic university. Thinking Matters reflects student and faculty collaborations across the USM campuses and beyond which promotes the high quality student–faculty research opportunities available to both. Thinking Matters is an event that allows students and faculty to share their work with each other, their colleagues, and the general public. Students are encouraged to participate and share their research as a poster or oral presentation. Final abstracts and presentations can be published on the USM Library’s Digital Commons.

UROP: The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) awards scholarly fellowships that enable students to design and conduct their own research projects in collaboration with a faculty member.

The program brings together diverse areas of undergraduate student research and creative activities across all academic disciplines while fostering student-faculty collaboration.

Graduate Student Research Opportunities

As you pursue your master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Southern Maine (USM), you’ll find that research is a dynamic element of coursework; capstone projects; thesis and dissertation development; and graduate assistant-ships.

MeRTEC: is an educational partnership between the University of Southern Maine, Maine businesses, and community partners. Regulatory compliance affects wide ranging fields, including health and social services, education, business, energy, the environment, and more.  

MeRTEC offers three opportunities for courses and certification for professionals in regulatory compliance education: a certificate in compliance, a minor in regulatory ethics, and a series of online trainings.

Three I’s (IACUC, IBC, & IRB): Biosecurity & Research Integrity™

The 3I’s conference is a professional development conference is the first and only event designed to address the needs and concerns of security professionals, IACUCs, IBCs and IRBs.

Conference attendees will benefit from the combined skills and knowledge represented through MSMR, the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research, the FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, the Maine Regulatory Training and Ethics Center and recognized industry experts and compliance professionals, which will allow participants to increase their understanding of vital issues facing the life science community.